Community Letter of Support

Support salt lake city public library workers united!

SLCPL Board of Directors and Salt Lake City Council,

As members of the community, we stand by workers who are forming their union, SLCPL Workers United, with AFSCME Local 1004. The Salt Lake City Public Library system is the cornerstone of our neighborhoods, and we recognize how valuable library workers are in providing vital services to our communities every day. 

We believe that SLPCL workers should have the right to freely organize their union and secure legal rights to collectively bargain. To live up to the library’s vision of addressing needs and realizing aspirations through collaboration, we are calling for: 

  • SLCPL to voluntarily recognize SLCPL Workers United upon demonstration of majority support 

  • SLCPL Board of Directors and Salt Lake City Council to pass resolutions granting collective bargaining rights to Salt Lake City Public Library workers, the only group of public employees in Salt Lake City who are not covered under a bargaining agreement
By supporting SLCPL workers and creating a clear path toward union recognition, you will be demonstrating your commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive library system for all of Salt Lake City.  

In solidarity,

Turner Bitton, Chairman, Glendale Neighborhood Council & Board Member of Friends of the SLC Public Library
Pablo Abarca, SLCPL Employee
Nathanael Abbott, Community Member
Sarah Adams, Patron
Manessa Adams, Patron
Jennifer Adams, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Adrian Adams, Patron
Morgan Aguilar, Patron
Alec Aguilar, Patron
Tyson Ainge, Community Member
Andrew Airmet, Community Member
Joel Alba, Community Member
Kestrel Allen, SLCPL Employee
Alexandra Allen, Community Member
Kassandre Allen, Community Member
Kenley Alligood, Community Member
Tyler Allred, Patron
Taylor Almond, Patron
Luis Alvarado, SLCPL
Boa Amenero, N/A
Jeff Anderson, Operating Engineers Local 3
Stone Anderson, Community Member
Teressa Anderson, Concerned citizen
Joseph Anderson, Fellow Utah Library Worker
Ryan Anderson, UEA-Retired
Alise Anderson, Community Member
Shane Anderson, AFSCME Council 57
Justin Anfinsen, Patron
Michelle Angelillis, Union Ally
Pat Annoni, Patron
Grace Ansani, Librarian
Sarah Appel, Community Member
Emily Appel-Barrus, Patron
Rebecca Appel-Barrus, Patron
Ren Archibald, Other (add below)
Narayani Archunan, University of Utah
Samuel Arellano, SLCPL Employee
Angela Arnell, Patron
Teddy Arnold, Former SLCPL Employee
Elyse Arrington, Community Member
Maile Arvin, Patron
Brad Asay, AFT Utah
Melodie Ashley, Patron
Rachel Atkinson, SLCPL Employee
Mike Avila, Fmr. member Amalgamated Transit Workers Union
Kiana Avlon, Other (add below)
Liz B, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Jordyn Baccus, Community Member
Thain Bailey, Community Member
Beauchamp Baker, Union Ally
Garry Baker, Community Member
Lisa Baker, Patron
Rebecca Baker, Former SLCPL Employee
Katie Baker, AFSCME Local 3787
Sarah Balland, Community Member
Sarah Balland, Carry The Water Indigenous Healing Garden
Jon Bambrough, Operating engineers
Grace Bardugon, Patron
Michael Barker, Community Member
Lily Barrloc, Patron
Glenn Barrow, Union Ally
Julie Bartel, Former SLCPL Employee
Jessica Barth, Union Ally
Azra Basic, Former SLCPL Employee
Madeleine Bavley, Patron
Aidan Bay, Patron
Eric Baylis, UAW Local 2256 Capital Area District Library
Noah Becker, Patron
Ali Bell, SLCPL Employee
Marisa Bell, SLCPL Employee
Jack Bellows, Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake, Utah School Employees Association
Shyli Bench, Community Member
Summer Bench, Patron
Brandt Bench, Patron
Karen Bennett, Community Member
Rachael Benoit, Patron
Robert Berets, SLCPL Employee
Piper Berg, Community Member
Brooks Bergmann, Wasatch Tenants United
Matt Bernard, Union Ally
Nicholas Bernard, Other (add below)
Meagan Bertelsen, Patron
Ray Bertheaud, Union Ally
Deepa Bhandaru, AFT 1789
Michael Biggs, SLCPL Employee
Shelkey Bilbrey, Justice Court
Tristan Bills, Patron
Daniella Birch, Community Member
Harmony Birch, Union Ally
Natalie Bishop, Union Ally
Faith Bitz, Community Member
Mads Block, Community Member
Lindsey Bloom, Union Ally
Nate Blouin, Utah Senate
Gus Bogdanow, Union Ally
Rebecca Bonham, Former SLCPL Employee
Emily Booth, Patron
Sara Borden, Union Ally
Hannah Bostrom, Salem Public Library
Andrew Bourque, Patron
Jean Boyack, Patron
Mike Braak, Patron
Sandy Bracamontes, Community Member
Grace Bramlage, Community Member
Frank Brannan, Community Member
Chelsea Braydene, Patron
Jayden Brennan, Community Member
Ashley Bressingham, Union Ally
Frank Breu, Community Member
Madi Brimhall, Community Member
Caroline Broeren, AFSCME Local 1215
Krystopher Broschinsky, Patron
Korral Broschinsky, Business Owner
Jordan Brown, Patron
Annie Brown, Patron
Quincy Brown, Patron
Nathan Buchanan, Community Member
Rachel Buck-Cockayne, Community Member
Bri Buckley, Patron
Crystal Buffaloe, Daniel Boone Regional Library
Cal Bulmash, Community Member
Owen Bunzel, Community Member
Jace Burbidge, Patron
Olyvia Burbidge, Patron
Chante Burch, Patron
Celia Burn, Former SLCPL Employee
Nick Burnham, Former SLCPL Employee
Alyssa Burson, Community Member
Skyler Bush, Patron
Hannah Bustamante, Patron
Seymour Butz, SLCPL Employee
Tess Bybee, Patron
Ashley Byers, SLCPL Employee
Lauren Cabrera, Community Member
Erin Cafferty, Patron
Carrie Caffrey, WSCCCE Council 2
Samantha Calamity, Community Member
Marcia Caldwell, Irvine Teachers' Association
Asher Campbell, Community Member
Abby Campbell, Patron
Amy Campbell, Patron
Nicole Canaan, Patron
Gabriel Cano, Community Member
Michelle Cao, SLCPL
Stacy Cao, US Military
Lyz Cao, Union Ally
Lyz Cao, Union Ally
Mary Capizzi, Community Member
Annika Carson, Patron
Quinnton Carter, Patron
Ryan Carty, Former SLCPL Employee
Adam Casey, Union Ally
Bridgid Cassin, Union Ally
Jemima Castillo, Former SLCPL Employee
Ludvika Castro, Patron
Bryton Catlett, Community Member
Danielle Cavanaugh, Union Ally
Anne Charles, Community Member
Julia Chartove,
Brian Chatterton, IAMAW LL568
Shannon Cheatwood, Patron
Meredith Checketts, Community Member
Kelsey Cheney, Patron
Kelsey Cheney, Patron
MJ Chevesich, Former SLCPL Employee
Alexandra Chopine, Community Member
Natalie Christensen, Patron
Cutler Christensen, Community Member
Hannah Chudleigh, Community Member
Lacey Chun, Patron
Dominic Ciarlette, Patron
Mary Ciccarello, Patron
Rachel Clare, Community Member
Alyssa Clark, Patron
Duncan Clawson, Community Member
Sarah Clinton, Other (add below)
Caroline Clough, Other (add below)
John Clukey, Patron
Kody Coats, Union Ally
Robert Cobos, Patron
Daniel Cochrane, Patron
Emily Coker, Twelve
Hillary cole,
McKinlee Colson, Other (add below)
Maddison Colvin, Slow Worm Press
Chelsea Connelly, Union Ally
Terra Cooper Cooper, Utah Parents for Teachers
Alvaro Cortez,
Augustus Corvus, Community Member
Felicia Marie Cotton, Community Member
Chloe Cox, N/A
Matt Crane, Patron
Jessica Crook, Patron
Sean Crossland, Patron
Al Crowley, Union Ally
Gabrielle Culley, Patron
Lillie Cummings, Patron
Katherine Cwik, Community Member
Sarah Daenitz, Former SLCPL Employee
Trinity Dalton, Patron
Sheridan Daly, Patron
Delaney Daly, SLCPL Employee
Esther Daranciang, Salt Lake City Public Library
Harley Davidson, Community Member
Mary Gen Davies, Chicago Public Library
Matthew Davis, Salt Lake County Democratic Party (HD30)
Johnathon Davis, Former SLCPL Employee
Joel Davis, Business Owner
Abigail Davis, Union Ally
Johnathan Davis, Patron
Danae Davison, Community Member
Mark Davsion, Community Member
Harvey Day, Community Member
Bryn Dayton, Patron
Katherine Dayton-Kistler, Patron
Claudia De Grandi, Community Member
Veronica Dean-Perry, Patron
Julia Decker, Patron
Sarah Degraw, Community Member
Julia Delong, SLCPL Employee
Jeff Dempsey, Community Member
Ari DeNardo, Catholic University of America
Victoria Dennis, Union Ally
jesse deveraux, Community Member
Eric Devey, Patron
Mary Devine, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Brandon Dew, Operating Engineers Local 3
Quinn Diaz, Union Ally
Quinn Diaz, Union Ally
Kelly Dienes, Highland Park Public Library
Nicolette Dolan, Patron
Heidi Dorward, Community Member
Shannon Douvier, AFSCME Council 65
Robert Doxey, N/A
Ashley Doxey, Patron
Ashley Doxey, Patron
Blair Draper, Patron
Emily Draper, Community Member
Giselle Draper, Patron
Malachi Dray, Workers United
Connor Drazin, Patron
Michael Dressman, Patron
Jessica Duckworth, Hygge Hone Goods & Services
Katy Ducos, 1
Kim Ducote, Community Member
Zack Dunham, IMCPL
Zack Dunham, IMCPL
Rod Dunn, ATU Local 382
Kari Dunn, Patron
Gordon Dunne, Community Member
David Dyer, Union Ally
William Eakland, Former SLCPL Employee
Corinne Edwards, Patron
Corinne Edwards, Community Member
Berlin Edwards, Patron
Jonelle edwards, Patron
Chris Eguizabal, Salt Lake Resident
Kylee Ehmann, Community Member
Debra Elfenbein, Pratt Workers United
Roberto Elguera, The Road Home
Spencer Elkington, Community Member
Dave Ellenwood, Community Member
Akunna Eneh, Boston public library professional staff association
Roman England, Patron
Tony Ericksen, Sheet Metal Workers Local 312
Sharon Erickson, Patron
Nicole Espinal, Other (add below)
Cesar Espinoza, Community Member
Connor Estes, Patron
Summer Falkenrath, FalkenCraft
Tera Faulkner, Community Member
Steven Fawson, Former SLCPL Employee
Tallia Feltis, Community Member
Miriam Felton, Miriam Felton
Jason Fennell, HC
Bronte Ferguson, Community Member
Michael Fife, Patron
Alenka Figa, Union Ally
Peter Finch, Patron
Erin Finney, Former SLCPL Employee
Laura Fishburn, individual
will floyd, Bandcamp United
Heather Fong, South San Francisco Public Library
Chris Foote, Other (add below)
Stuart Ford, Patron
Victor Foster, Patron
Victor Foster, Democratic socialists of America
Greg Foster, Community Member
Lisa Fox, Union Ally
Skyla Francis, Other (add below)
La Vonne Francis, Patron
Tek Francis, Union Ally
Lucas Francis, Patron
Autumn Franssen, Community Member
brinley froelich, Patron
Lezlie Frye, University of Utah
Emma Fryer, Union supporter
Olivia Fryer, YWCA Utah
Olivia Fryer, Community member
Brian Fryer, Freelance journalist
Brian Fryer, Freelance journalist
Douglas Fryer, Union Ally
Adam Fuller, Patron
John Fulton, AFSCME Local 3173
Nancy Funes, SLCPL Employee
Eric Funes, Community Member
Andrea Gaither, Patron
Meave Gallagher, Other (add below)
lindsey gant, Union Ally
Cisco Garcia-Garza, Community Member
Logan Gardner, Community Member
Josh Gardner, Union Ally
Emily Gardner, Community Member
Caylee Gardner, Patron
Keri Gardner, Community Member
April Gardner, Patron
April Garner, Community Member
Tamara Garrard, UW
Chris Garrard, Community Member
Alyssa Garza, Community Member
Gabriela Gasca-Tierrafria, Patron
Deja Gaston, Party for Socialism and Liberation
Meia Geddesq, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Derek Gehrke, Patron
Marina Gerton, Community Member
Alborz Ghandehari, University of Utah
Luigi Ghersi, Union Ally
Elliot Giallorenzi, Community Member
Alexandra Gibson, Patron
Sobia Gill, Community Member
Sarah Glazer, Union Ally
Jenny Gnagey, Community Member
Monica Goff, Patron
Bob Goldberg, Retired
Jeremy Goldenberg, Community Member
Sergio Gomes, Patron
Jesse Gomez, Patron
Meagan Gonsalves-Vorwald, Former SLCPL Employee
Mikah Gonzales, Former SLCPL Employee
Jared Gonzalez, Community Member
Sol Gonzalez, Union Ally
Jacob Gonzalez, Community Member
Alexis Gonzalez, Community Member
Andre Gonzalez Silva,
Dayne Goodwin, Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake
Spencer Gordon, Union Ally
Gabriella Gourdin, Other (add below)
Andrew Grace, Patron
Steven Graham, Community Member
Susan Grant, Former SLCPL Employee
Raymond Grant, Patron
Jeri Gravlin, SLCPL Employee
Roxanne Gray, 801 Salon
Nick Green, Patron
Geor Green, 2nd and 2nd coalition
Eryon Greenburg, Patron
Becca Greenstein, SEIU Local 73
Katherine Groll, Union Ally
Maurena Grossman, Patron
Jose Guzman, Union Ally
T H, Union Ally
Helena Haddadin, Union Ally
Ella Hadfield, Community Member
suhyun hahm, Union Ally
Trevor Hale, Patron
Rachael Hall, Patron
Greta Hamilton, Patron
Ellie Hamrick, Union Ally
Joseph Hancock, Labor Today International (WFTU)
Holly Hansen, Union Ally
Anna Hansen, Community Member
Lauren Hansen, Former SLCPL Employee
Emma Hanson, Patron
Ardelle Hardin, Community Member
Alex Harding, Union Ally
Meghan Harding, Community Member
Elaine Harger, Librarian and UofU alum
Jared Harmer, Patron
Elizabeth Haroldsen, Patron
Mark Harrington, OAPSE AFSCME Local 4
Anna Harris, Supporter/recent patron
Ian Harris, Patron
Scott Harris, SA Harris LLC
Lynnette Harris, Union Ally
Sean Harris, Other (add below)
Fane Harris, Community Member
Michael Harris, Community Member
Elizabeth Hart, Union Ally
Anne Hart, Community Member
Diane Hartford, Patron
Emily Hartle, Community Member
Caroline Hartman, Union Ally
Josh Harvey, Other (add below)
Lauren Haslam, Community Member
Stratton Haslam, Patron
Sky Hatter, Patron
Catherine Havens, Previous patron
Rachel Havens, Patron
Theressa Hawk, Patron
Alec Haynes, Patron
Lauren Head, Patron
Bryce Kieren Healy, BPLPSA/MLSA 4928
Ines Hedzic, Patron
Brittany Heffron, Patron
Mauri Hefley, Patron
Emily Heise, Community Member
Clara Hendricks, Cambridge Public Library Staff Association
Mason Henrie, Patron
Seth Herbert, Community Member
Danielle Higgins, Patron
Aaron Hill, Patron
Ashley Hiskey, Community Member
U Hoa, Patron
Adam Hochhalter, Patron
Ethan Hodgson, Community Member
Julie Hogge, Community member
Katy Hogge, AFSCME 1004
Elliot Holley, Patron
Derrek Hooton, SLCPL Employee
isa hopkins, Union Ally
Katherine Hopper, Union Ally
Lorena Horse, Other (add below)
Dr. Áine Clotilde Houchon, Independent Scholar
Clark House,
Nate Housley, Union Ally
Emma Houtz, Community Member
Dodge Hovermale, Community Member
Morgan Howard, Boston Public Library
Juli Huddleston, Resident, Salt Lake City
Shay Hudson, Patron
Wanda Huffaker, Community Member
Caleb Hunt, Patron
Marilyn Hurlow, Patron
Alycia Hurst, Patron
Elijah Hutchings, Patron
Julia Hyer, Patron
Travis Hymas, Patron
Sierra Inglet, N/A
Scout Invie, Community Member
Julio Irungaray, Community Member
Robyn Israel, Patron
Taylar Jackson, Patron
Lorraine Jackson, Patron
Amrita Jade, Community Member
Dallas Jansen, Union Ally
Daniel Jarvis, Union Ally
Christine Jenkin, Community Member
Annie Jenkins, Union Ally
Sara Luz Jensen, SLCPL Employee
Zachary Jeppson, IAFF Local 81
Rachel Jiang, Patron
Bryce Johnsen, Daniel Boone Regional Library Workers United, AFSCME Local 3311
Halee Johnson, Patron
Olivia Johnson, Community Member
Ethan Johnson, Business Owner
Lonnie Johnson, Union Ally
Patrick Johnston, Union Ally
Micah Johnston, Community Member
Fisher Jones, Salt Lake City Public Library - Main
Robin Jones, Patron
Allyson Jones, Union Ally
Camille Jones, Union Ally
Cat Jones, Patron
Jessi Jones, Academy Foundation Workers Union
Cheryl Jones, Union Ally
Benjamin Jordan, Patron
Jay Jordan, Patron
Aaliyah Juarez, Community Member
Phalen K, NA
jacob k., Patron
Nadia kacebee, Other (add below)
Molly Kade, Patron
evonne kapinos, Other (add below)
Grant Kates, Patron
Eli Kauffman, Patron
Teagan Kay,
Haley Kedzierski, ischool at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Kristen Keefe, Home
Seth Keeton, Community Member
Micah Kehrein, Librarian
Carrie Kelley, Patron
Mark Kelly, Community Member
Wren Kennedy, Human
Pamela Kenrick, Former SLCPL Employee
Johanna Kessler, Patron
Sean Kilcoyne, AFWU
Joann Kim, Patron
Juliana Kim, N/A
Brian Kim, Patron
Juli Kim, Patron
Abram Kimball, Community Member
Grace King, Patron
Kris King, Business Owner
Heidi King, Patron
Jasper Kingsnorth, Patron
Cody Kirkland, Patron
Kyle Kitchen, Union Ally
Patty Kittrell, Community Member
Eric Klein, Patron
Sarah Klein, Union Ally
Jaclyn Ko, Other (add below)
Will Kocher, Sugar House Community Council
Moira Kocher, Community Member
Kellie Koester, Patron
Ellen Koester, Patron
Cherie Kofoed, SLCPL Employee
Magda Korewa, Patron
Aaron Kramer, Union Ally
quinn kramer, Community Member
Malana Krongelb, Union Ally
Fiona Kuzmack, Former SLCPL Employee
YIN MIN KYI, Community Member
Baley Kynaston, Patron
Jenica Lake, Patron
Dirk Lamb, Community Member
Adrian Lambrinos, Party For Socialism and Liberation
Alexander Langenwalter, Union Ally
Cade Langsdon, Former SLCPL Employee
Helenna Lant, Community Member
Kristina Larsen, Community Member
Cyan Larson, Patron
Ann Larson, Patron
Karen Larson, Patron
Charles Laver, Patron
Sonya Laver, Patron
Dallin Law, Patron
Anna Lawrence, Union Ally
Jacob Lawson, Community Member
Amber Lawvor, SLCPL Employee
Althea Lazzaro, AFT 1789
Christopher LeCluyse, Patron
Shea Ledesma, Union Ally
Shykell Ledford, Union Ally
M Leetham, Community Member
Sarah Leetham, Patron
Willow Leganza, Librarian
Laurel LeGate, Union Ally
Mara Lemesany, Former SLCPL Employee
Pam Leonard, Patron
Bernadette LeRoy, Former SLCPL Employee
Naomi Leu, SLCPL Employee
Gary Leu, Patron
Liz Levine, Community Member
Leah Levinson, Union Ally
Diane Lewis, Union Ally
Faelin Lewis, Union Ally
Ellen Lewis, Former SLCPL Employee
Melanie Lewis, Former SLCPL Employee
Richard Lewis, Patron
Angela Lezaic, Patron
Annie Lim, Patron
Madison Lindgren, Patron
Kimberly Lindquist, Community Member
DeAnna Lippman, Former SLCPL Employee
Julia Lisle, Patron
Jared Lisonbee, Patron
Pam Littig, Patron
Jacob Livingstone, Community Member
Polly Llewellyn, Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine
heather lockie, friend of an employee of the library
Emily Lofquist, Union Ally
Taliesin Logue, Union Ally
Krystal Lopez, Community Member
Franchesca Lopez, Community Member
Mariah Lopez, Community Member
Brian Lord, Patron
Ashley Love, Patron
Travis Low, Patron
Karen Lowe, Patron
Bailey Lowe, Community Member
Ireland Lowe, Union Ally
Kris Luca, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
KoriAnne Lucero, Patron
Dawn Lueck, Patron
Sujei Lugo, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Catherine Lukes, Patron
john lustig, Illinois State Museum
Helen Lutke, SEIU Local 521
Hannah Lutz, Community Member
Sierra Lynch, Union Ally
Dustin Lyons,
Trevor Lyons, Patron
Margaret Lyons, AFSCME C31
Celeste M Barker, Community Member
Mario Macias, Former SLCPL Employee
Flannery Mack, Patron
Sierra Mackelprang, Myselfs
Elizabeth MacLeod, Union Ally
Jane Madsen, Patron
Jason Madsen, Operating Engineers Local Union #3
Anna Maguire, Community Member
Kaitlyn Mahoney, Under the Umbrella Bookstore
Trent Mallory, Patron
Kate Mapp, Community Member
COURTNEY MARDEN, Community Member
Juls Marino, Anakbayan SLC
Carling Mars, Patron
Alec Marshall, TUSL
Emily Martin, Union Ally
Mary Martin, Patron
Eliana Massey, Patron
Bryn Massey, Community Member
Sarah Massin, Union Ally
Sharifa Matin, Business Owner
Ruedigar Matthes, Bike Utah / Salt Lake County
Allie Matthews, Community Member
Ashlee Matthews, Utah House of Representatives
Yusuf Maung, Salt Lake City Corporation
Clark Maxfield, Patron
Kyle Maxfield, Patron
Randall Maxfield, Community Member
Kirtly Maxfield, Community Member
Selena Maxfield, Patron
Clayton Maxfield, Community Member
Sarah May, Patron
Aurora McCausland, Patron
Emily McComb, Community Member
Iris McCulloch, Community Member
Hillary McDaniel, Community Member
Megan McDermott, Union Ally
Julia McGonigle, Patron
Meghan McGowan, AAUP-AFT 6075
Rachel McGuire, Union Ally
Megan McKenna, Mountainlands Community Housing Trust
Emilia McKinley, Union Ally
Eliza McKinney, Former SLCPL Employee
Stacey McLean, Patron
Grey McLean, SLCPL Employee
David McLean, Patron
Laura McMahon, Community Member
Kate McMinimee, Patron
Kara McShane-Hefley, Former SLCPL Employee
Ray Meads, Patron
L Mecham, Patron
Dora Meiwes, Former SLCPL Employee
Nick Melander, Former SLCPL Employee
Paula Mendoza, University of Utah
Jesse Menser, Community Member
Genevive Merari, Patron
Gabriela Merida, Community Member
Amelia Merrell, Patron
Christopher Merrill, SLCPL Employee
Kristy Merrill, Patron
Nate Merrill, Community Member
Jill Merritt, Union Ally
Sierra Metzger, Community Member
Milena Meyer, Community Member
jen meyer, joe hill club
Audrey Meyer, Community Member
Katrina Mikell, Patron
Meredith Miklasz, Union Ally
Chad Miles, Community Member
Chet Miles, Union Ally
Tyler Miles, Patron
Chad Miles, Community Member
CK Miller, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Brandon Miller, Cohere Health
Kevin Miller, Patron
Jennifer Miller-Smith, Patron
Logan Millett, Salt Lake Liberation Center
Dex Mills, Patron
Gabi Mismash, Patron
Matthew Monahan, Community Member
Meg Monk, Patron
Leah Montoya, Salt Lake Library Union
Erin Moore, Patron
Ruben Moore, Patron
Shelby Moore, SLCPL Employee
Carlos Morales, WFSE
Justice Morath, Can't Say
Kate Morgan, Union Ally
Kate Morgan, Union Ally
Alex Morgan-Bloch, Union Ally
Parker Mortensen, Patron
Emma Morton, Community Member
Bobby Moyer, Patron
Jessie Muhler, SLCPL Employee
Sarah Müller, Salt Lake County Library Employee
Ascher Munion, Patron
Janine Murphy, Patron
LuAnne Nakamura, Former SLCPL Employee
Luna Nasser, Yamo Foods
Ronald Neibaur, Patron
Brook Neilson, Patron
Jeremy Nelson, Union Ally
Eliza Nevin, Patron
Anna Newman, Community Member
Anthony Newman, Patron
Frances Ngo, Plumas Colectiva
Grant Nickle, Union Ally
Cait Nielsen, Community Member
Marc Nielsen, Patron
Lindsey Nielsen, Community Member
Callie Nielsen, Patron
Dennis Nieto, Community Member
Ambrosia Nightingale, Union Ally
Russell Nix, Patron
Kat Nix, Ritual in Bloom
Zachary Norman, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
Eric Norman, Other (add below)
Emma Norris, Union Ally
Sydney Norwood, Community Member
Devin O'Donnell, Patron
Maureen O'Malley, Patron
Jessica Oban, Patron
Amy OConnor, AFSCME Council 4
Emory Ogaard, Patron
Christopher Oglesby, Patron
Ken Okada, Former SLCPL Employee
Reilynn Olsen, Community Member
John Olshinski, SLCPL Employee
John Olshinski, SLCPL Employee
Rebecca Olson, Patron
Jazmyne Olson, Patron
Kayla Olson, Community Member
Lonnie Olson, Patron
Annie Omer, Patron
Milo Ono, Patron
Christina Ordonez, SLCPL Employee
Camille Ordonez, Community Member
Veronica Ordonez, Community Member
Hannah Orr, Community Member
Estibaliz Orraca Camblor, SLCPL Employee
Erin O’Connell, Union Ally
Fionn Packard, N/A
Olive Packard, Patron
Elisabeth Padjen, Former SLCPL Employee
Chelsea Page, Patron
Judie Pal, Union Ally
Allie Palmer, SLCPL Employee
Cassie Palmer, SLCPL Employee
Vernon Palmer, Patron
Madaline Palmer, SLCPL Employee
J Palmer, Patron
Tristan Palmer, Patron
Willy Palomo, Patron
brooklyn pando, PSL
Leni Pappas, Other (add below)
Melissa Parache, Community Member
NICK PARENT, Community Member
Brittany Parks, Patron
Brittany Parks, Patron
Alicia Parry, Patron
Charles Parsons, Patron
Michelle Pass, Patron
Sage Paterson, Salt Lake City Public Library, Substitute
Sage Paterson, Salt Lake City Public Library, Substitute
Katherine Paterson, Patron
Bianca Paulino, Salt Lake County Library Employee & Patron
Kevin Paulson, Community Member
Brittny Paz, Patron
Cynthea Peang, Community Member
Ben Peck, Community Member
Errin Pedersen, Former SLCPL Employee
Marcus Pegasus, Community Member
Ayumi Perez, Union Ally
Yoli Perez, SLCPL Employee
Ellen Perleberg, UNC Libraries
Amanda Perry, SLCPL Employee
Kim Perry, Patron
Christian Petersen, Community Member
Larz Petersen, Patron
Amanda Peterson, Community Member
Mazal Peterson, Patron
Scott Peterson, Union Ally
Jane Peterson, Patron
Gary Petit, AFSCME LOCAL 1004
Benjamin Petrie, Patron
Steven Pfeiffer, Former SLCPL Employee
Zachary Phillippy, Community Member
Preston Phillips, Union Ally
Jerry Philpot, AFSCME 1004
Lynn Phlegm, Union Ally
Rilee Pickle, Patron
Edin Pierson, Union Ally
Nathanael Player, Patron
Josaleigh Pollett, Community Member
Oswaldo Ponce de León Landa, Union Ally
Ryen Pope, Union Ally
Hallie Pope, Community Member
Alex Powelson, Community Member
Caressa Pratt, SLCPL Employee
Nora Price, Patron
Charles Prows, Business Owner
Valerie Pruc, Community Member
Danny Pucci, Union Ally
Lio Pulley, Patron
Sarah Puzzo, Union Ally
Richard Pyatt, Other (add below)
Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Community Member
Maru Quevedo, Union Ally
Marie Quichocho, Union Ally
Jordan Quinn, SLCPL Employee
Emily Radivoyevich, Patron
Sneha Raju, Other (add below)
Jasper Ramirez, Patron
Daniela Ramirez, Patron
Seth Rampton, Community Member
Drew Ransom, Patron
Michael Rasmussen, Patron
Nick Raso, Patron
Dolly Rauh, Former SLCPL Employee
Brennan Ray, Patron
Ashley Rayner, Union Ally
Josh Redd, AFSCME Union member and MLIS student
Arianna Rees, Patron
Isaac Reese, IUPAT
Dani Rehmann, Union Ally
Mark Renard, AFSCME Council 31
Laura Renshaw, Community Member
Dakotah Reyes, Patron
Juliet Reynolds, Murray Equity Alliance
Juliet Reynolds, Murray Equity Alliance
Latoya Rhodes, Community Member
Helena Ribeiro, AFT1789
David Rice, Patron
Nancy Rice, Patron
Ross Richey, Former SLCPL Employee
A.L. Rickard, WFSE/AFSCME Council 28
Eve Rickles-Young, Community Member
Chris Riemer, Union Ally
Ceci Rigby, Patron
Wendy Rigby, DBRLWU AFSCME Loval 3311
Megan Riley, UAW2865
Erin Riordan, Union Ally
Tod Robbins, Other (add below)
Chase Roberts, Patron
Philip Roberts, Community Member
Jon Roberts, Patron
Bailey Roberts, Patron
Mary Roberts, Community Member
Olivia Robson, SLCPL Employee
Melanie Rodriguez, SLCPL
Maria Rodriguez, Patron
Melissa Rodriguez, SLCPL Employee
Joseluis Rodriguez, Other (add below)
Megan Rogers, Union Ally
Jillian Rogers, Patron
Paige Roholt, Patron
Angela Romero, Utah House of Representatives
Yvette Romero Coronado, Patron
Yutzil Valeria Ronan, SLCPL Employee
Flor Rosas, Union Ally
Emily Rose, Patron
Jake Rosenzweig,
Steve Roth, AFSCME Ohio Council 8
Jerome Rothermund, Salt Lake Community College
sharmayne roundy, Patron
Tiffany Rousculp, Patron
Joey Rowe, Community Member
June Ruiz, Community Member
Cody Runnels, Oe3
Brooke Russell, Patron
Tanara Saarinen, Union Ally
Hollie Saatkamp, Community Member
Kiara Saavedra, Union Ally
Melissa Salguero, Wvcarts
Dorothea Salo, Union Ally
Sean Sampson, Union Ally
Ina Samuel, SLCPL Employee
Vickie Samuel, Patron
Masio Sangster, .
Sabrina Satterthwaite, Patron
Jordan Scarr, Patron
Carmen Schempp, Former Library Worker and Union Ally
BARBARA SCHIEVING, Barbara Schieving
Andrew Schlotterbeck, Community Member
Victoria Schmidt, Patron
heather schoenfeld, SLCPL Employee
heather schoenfeld, SLCPL Employee
Theo Schwartz, Patron
Jen Scott, Former SLCPL Employee
Michelle Scott, Patron
Sandi Searcy, Community Member
Liesl Seborg, Patron
Asher Seevinck, Yoko Ramen
EJ Serrano, AFSCME
Yasi shaker, Patron
Andrew Shaw, Former SLCPL Employee
Sarah Shaw, AFSCME DC 47
Cynthia Shaw, Patron
Richard Shetler, Union Ally
Beaux Shetler, SLCPL Employee
Shelby Shipley, Community Member
Stephanie Shiver, Patron
Jesse Silva, Union Ally
Bruno Silva, Community Member
Clara Simbe, Community Member
Kenneth Simin, Patron
Neil Simmons, Community Member
Nate Sirovatka, Union Ally
Audrey Skeen, Other (add below)
Jacob Skog, Patron
Sofija Skrobo, Former SLCPL Employee
Willow Skye-Biggs, Patron
Bri Skywall, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Mikaela Slade, Former SLCPL Employee
Keith Slade, Former SLCPL Employee
Loyd Sleight, International Association of Firefighters
Ivy Smith, SLCPL
Chris Smith, Patron
Jann Smith, Patron
Lauren Smith, Patron
Spenser Smith, Patron
Ash Smith, Patron
Parker Smith, Community Member
Teri Smith, Patron
Alicia Smith, Patron
Emily Snow, Community Member
Anna Snow, Community Member
Evelyn Solares, Community Member
Erik Sonntag, Union Ally
David Sonntag, Former SLCPL Employee
Ben Soper, Union Ally
Jared Soper, Former SLCPL Employee
Emma Sorensen, Community Member
Jessica Spencer, Community Member
Matthew Spencer Kociol, Patron
Matthew Spencer Kociol, Patron
Kate Spencer-Kociol, Former SLCPL Employee
Lisa Stachitus, Community Member
Jasmine Stack, Patron
Nathan Staheli, Party for Socialism and Liberation
Ellora Staker, Patron
Ladeja Standifer, Other (add below)
Catherine Stanworth, Patron
Kim Starkweather, Union Ally
Matt Starling, Patron
Sarah Stearn, Union Ally
Katherine Stecher, AFSCME Council 65, Local #319
Nicole Steffes, Community Member
Kyle Stegerwald, IBEW LU 354
Charlotte Stehmeyer, Community Member
Shawn Steidinger, Patron
Nicholas Stender, Party for Socialism and Liberation
Kathryn Stender, Patron
Sophie Stephens, Patron
Sara Stewart, Community Member
Rebecca Stewart, Patron
Zachary Stickney, Community Member
Hailey Stiles, Union Ally
Tristan Stillman, Union Ally
eva stilson,
Eva Stilson, Community Member
Mary Stoddard, Community Member
Lucille Stoddard, Patron
Elliott Stoddard Smith, Union Ally
Lindy Stokes, Patron
Kevin Stout, Union Ally
Ward Streicher, N/A
Parker Stringer, Community Member
Mikell Stringham, Community Member
Austin Stroud, Union Ally
Chris Strunk, BPL PSA
Virginia Sudbury, Patron
Lauren Swainston, Patron
Emma Swanson, Patron
Emma Swenson, Community Member
Ben Swisher, Salt Lake City Public Library
Koly Swistak, Patron
Shaylee Syme, Community Member
Logan Symes, Community Member
Keslie Taafua, Community Member
Ryan Taggart, Union Ally
James Talbot, Community Member
Julie Tall, Patron
Rory Tarics, SLCPL
Kai Taylor, Community Member
Tania Taylor, Former SLCPL Employee
shon taylor, Patron
Avery Taylor, Community Member
Griffin Taylor, Patron
Dana Thatcher, Patron
Natahly Thomas, Community Member
Alyssa Thomas, Patron
Henry Thompson, Community Member
Amy Thomson, Patron
Samantha Tibbets, Patron
Steenalisa Tilcock, Community Member
Kaitlyn Tillman, Duluth Public Library
Cody Timmons, SLCPL Employee
Kelly Tinsman, Other (add below)
Douglas Tolman, Patron
Eric Tolman, Community Member
Gaby Torres, Patron
Michael Torres, AFSCME Local 3395-Indy Library Workers
Mary Toscano, Patron
Patrick Tracy, SLCPL Employee
Elpitha Tsoutsounakis, Community Member
Aliya Tuia, SLCPL Employee
Viviane Turman, Patron
Viviane Turman, Patron
Emiline Twitchell, Patron
Caitlin Tyler-Richards, Patron
Melissa Tyszko, Community Member
Kanavale Uluave, Street
Michael Valentine, Salt Lake City Mayoral Candidate
Saydi Van Dyke, Former SLCPL Employee
Lindsay Van Luvanee, Patron
Kathryn Van Sleen, SLCPL Employee
Peter Vanderhooft, Former SLCPL Employee
Katrina VanTassell, Patron
Cody VanWinkle, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Assosciation
Michael Vasquez, SLCPL Employee
Korbin Vejnar, Patron
Sam Verde, Community Member
Jess Vice, Patron
Mitchell Vice, Patron
Angel Vice, Community Member
patsy Villagran,
Corianne Villavicencio, Patron
Jorge Villavicencio, Patron
Josh Villeda, Community Member
Sazia Vinson, Community Member
Jacob Viramontes, Self employed
Jennifer Vitangeli, Patron
Susan Vogel, Patron
Adrian Von Braunbehrens, Community Member
Chris Vongsavath, Worthington Libraries
Robert Vorwald, Spouse of former employee
Tyler Vowles, SLCPL Employee
Victoria Vuyovich, Patron
Kim Wadlington, Community Member
Devin Wakefield, Patron
Cody Walk, Operating Engineers Local Union 3
Cody Walk, Operating Engineers Local Union 3
Mitchell Walker, Patron
Clay Walker, Patron
Jesse Walker, Modelic
Maeve Wall, Patron
Joyce Wall, Community Member
Lorraine Wallace, Patron
Bly Wallentine, Studio Studio Dada
Brooke Walrath, n/a
Casey Walrath, Patron
Sarah Walsh, Community Member
Hanna Walter, Patron
Liz Ward, Community Member
Heather Warren, SLCPL Employee
Jack Waters, Salt Lake IWW; Union Ally; Patron
Vern Waters, Past president of ULA
Dee Watkins, Patron
Clara Wayman, Community Member
Lindsey Webb, Patron
Becky Webb, Community Member
Kelly Webster, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Kelly Webster, Boston Public Library Professional Staff Association
Lily Weeks, SLCPL Employee
Rory Weeks, Community Member
Brigette Weier, Community Member
Elizabeth Weight, Patron
Ellen Weiler, Patron
Michelle Wentling, 6
Michelle Wentling, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
Andrew West, Mother
Ammie West, Patron
Ammie West, Patron
Michael Westbrook, Patron
Kael Weston,
Christina Whalen, Patron
Kate Wheeler, Patron
Samantha White, Clever Octopus Union
Kamie White, Patron
Tucker White, Patron
Rachel White, Patron
Heather Whitehead, Patron
Amy Whiting, SLCPL Employee
Bryan Whiting, Business Owner
Natalie Whiting, Patron
Kelton Whittaker, Patron
Alexander Whitty, Community Member
Michele Widera, Former SLCPL Employee
Gwendolyn Wiegold [email protected], AFSCME - CWU
Kyler Wilcox, Patron
Natalee Wilding, Patron
Kate Wilhite, Community Member
Haley Wilker, Previous resident of slc
Connor Wilkins, Union Ally
jared wilkinson, Patron
Jacob Wilks, Patron
Jacob Wilks, Patron
Vic Willett, Community Member
Bryce Williams, Patron
Kaitlin Williams, Other (add below)
Marnee Williams, Community Member
Colby Williams, SLCPL Employee
Emily Williams, Community Member
Taylor Wilson, Patron
Madelyn Wilson, Community Member
Melissa Wilson, Patron
Tracey Wilson, N/A
Jaclyn Wilson, Face Melters
Naomi Winders, Patron
Mary Kate Windsor, Patron
Dylan Winslow, SLCPL Employee
Joan Winslow, Patron
James Wirth, Patron
Eric Wiscombe, IBEW Local 354
Andrew Wiscombe, Community Member
Connor Witucki, Patron
Sheri Witucki, Patron
James Witucki III, Patron
Winona Wood, Union Ally
Dyani Wood, Community Member
Masetsaba Woodland, Pratt Workers United
Kara Woodley, M/A
Suzannah Woodward, SLPL
Aidan Woodward, Community Member
Steven Woodward, Patron
Melissa Workman, Patron
Grace Worthington, Union Ally
Jaclyn Wright, Community Member
Pamela Wright, Indianapolis Public Library union local 3395
Benjamin Wright, Patron
Craig Wyllie, OE3
Emma Xu, Patron
Abshira Yarow, Patron
Muslima Yarow, Community Member
auliyah yarow, Community Member
Susan Yerkes, Patron
Bean Yogi, The Seattle Public Library / AFSCME Local 2083
Sage Young, Patron
Canyon Young, Patron
Daphne Young, Community Member
Tiffany Young, Community Member
Spencer Young, Industrial Workers of the World
Spencer Young, Industrial Workers of the World
Spencer Young, Industrial Workers of the World
Spencer Young, Industrial Workers of the World
Spencer Young, Industrial Workers of the World
Olivia Young, Community Member
Zernab Zafar, Patron
Mindee Zager, Community Member
Justine Zerangue, Patron
Zander Zuniga, Union Ally